Do you need social proof?

Social proof is more for places where girls actively seek status, like nightclubs with table service, not regular bars and chill neighborhood spots you should be going to. -- RooshV author of "Bang!" (click here to get it).

If you tend to be a quieter type of guy, you're probably not eager to get into a busy nightclub and "play up" who you really are.  After all, what happens if you're after a relationship and you've wowed her amazing social proof at a nightclub?  She'll soon learn that isn't who you are.

Keep the social proof to a minimum - Some "PUAs" have talked about routines involving having friends follow you with a camera, taking pictures and acting like you're some big shot movie star (that the world doesn't know about).. Yeah... that's not for me and something I don't recommend for most guys.

Keep things relaxed and along the lines of "who you are".. you'll experience much more positive results!

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