If you have nothing in common with her....

If you don't have commonalities... draw analogies!

For example, if she says that she loves downhill skiing - but you've never done it yourself,  you can admit to her that you've never done it, but tell her that you can imagine the rush that she feels... continue by saying that it's probably a rush something like you get with (fill in in the blank with something exciting that you do)....

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It's called a push up....

If you're not "happy" with how you physically look, what are you doing to change?

A gym isn't even required to make big changes.  Do a few push ups in the morning and at night, a few crunches.  Get a chin up bar in the doorway of your bedroom.  Correct your posture.  Do something more than what you're doing now.  You'll notice big results and so will the women you are around.

Do you need social proof?

Social proof is more for places where girls actively seek status, like nightclubs with table service, not regular bars and chill neighborhood spots you should be going to. -- RooshV author of "Bang!" (click here to get it).

If you tend to be a quieter type of guy, you're probably not eager to get into a busy nightclub and "play up" who you really are.  After all, what happens if you're after a relationship and you've wowed her amazing social proof at a nightclub?  She'll soon learn that isn't who you are.

Keep the social proof to a minimum - Some "PUAs" have talked about routines involving having friends follow you with a camera, taking pictures and acting like you're some big shot movie star (that the world doesn't know about).. Yeah... that's not for me and something I don't recommend for most guys.

Keep things relaxed and along the lines of "who you are".. you'll experience much more positive results!

having a wingman or going solo?

   By being alone, not drunk, relaxed, and approachable, I get bumped up on her sex wish list.   --RooshV
 Those are some great words from Roosh - author of Bang! (get it now if you don't already have the ebook)  - and it's something I've always also been in agreement with.

Honestly, I've never been a good wingman.  I've been out and about with good wingmen, but due to my extensive traveling, it's hard to meet new guys that share your level of skill and understand rules of being a good wingman. So, solo is my way to go -- that being said, don't hesitate to go out and have fun with a group of friends (male and female) - just do your approaches solo.  This way, the woman has likely already noticed you laughing and having a good time with your friends.

Now, having a mentor or coach with you is a different thing, so don't get confused there!

Quick tip on creating a connection...

Making eye contact is a secret to making an initial chemistry connection.

We've got lots of posts on eye contact -- and here is yet another one - why?
Because eye contact is  so damn powerful!  It creates chemistry, which creates attraction.  It can help sexually escalate and so much more.

Get comfortable looking into her eyes and being able to maintain a strong solid eye contact.

You're the catch... she needs to understand that!

Here is an exerpt posted by RooshV - author of the awesome book Bang! (if you don't have it yet, click here and grab it -- the price is more than worth it!)
You’re not a bus that comes every 10 minutes. You’re not the 7-11 that stays open 24 hours a day. You’re the once in a millenia asteroid that lands in Siberia and kills a lot of small animals. If she happens to miss that then she will die before having the chance to experience it again. She has one opportunity with you and that’s the opportunity that you create with your approach. If she does not explore that opportunity with her most capable social being, then she can fuck off.

Roosh was talking about being rejected twice - by the same girl.    Don't let that behavior happen to you.  A lot of girls are simply looking for validation and a boost of their own self esteem.  If she passes you up onces, don't fall for her bullshit later, if it looks like she's interested again.

Girls with Guys at the bar..

Most girls aren't dating the guys they are out at the bar with.

So be sure to open "mixed sets" & be friendly with everyone to show the girl you're interested in you have social intelligence!  

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