You're the catch... she needs to understand that!

Here is an exerpt posted by RooshV - author of the awesome book Bang! (if you don't have it yet, click here and grab it -- the price is more than worth it!)
You’re not a bus that comes every 10 minutes. You’re not the 7-11 that stays open 24 hours a day. You’re the once in a millenia asteroid that lands in Siberia and kills a lot of small animals. If she happens to miss that then she will die before having the chance to experience it again. She has one opportunity with you and that’s the opportunity that you create with your approach. If she does not explore that opportunity with her most capable social being, then she can fuck off.

Roosh was talking about being rejected twice - by the same girl.    Don't let that behavior happen to you.  A lot of girls are simply looking for validation and a boost of their own self esteem.  If she passes you up onces, don't fall for her bullshit later, if it looks like she's interested again.

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