Compliments - yes they do work!

Always pay attention to your girl's appearance. She's used to hearing guys tell her she's hot, or sexy -- but  when a guy notices (& compliments her) on a new outfit or hairdo, she takes notice!

A common thing I like to do  with strippers is exactly this --  since most guys are eyeing the girl when she's practically naked, I take note when the girls are putting on "clothes" and heading outside for a break -- "Hey, you look incredibly cute in that dress", or, "you have a great sense of style tonight".. etc.    
 One of my recent stripper 'seductions' (see was using this exact technique.  I practically ignored this girl when she was on stage, but when she later walked past me in a cute little sun dress to go outside for a smoke, I tossed out the "wow, you look incredibly cute in that dress" line.  She stopped dead in her tracks, gave me a slightly confused look and sat down with me.  A few minutes later and we had plans for the next day.  Complimenting her on her dress immediately snapped her out of 'stripper mode' and stirred her interest.  
Give it a try next time you're out -- compliment on something she has taken the time to do - her hair, clothes, etc.    She's tired of hearing "hey you're hot" and "hey beautiful".. those are compliments that don't work.

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